What to wear to an Indian wedding

Indian weddings can consist of multiple events. Each event will require the appropriate attire. Our website has everything guests need to be dressed appropriately. We've made it easy to shop for each day of the wedding by providing links based on the wedding event.



Mendhi - https://miragesaricenter.com/collections/kurtas-kurta-sets

Pithi - https://miragesaricenter.com/collections/kurtas-kurta-sets

Nikka - https://miragesaricenter.com/collections/designer

Reception - https://miragesaricenter.com/collections/designer



Mendhi - https://miragesaricenter.com/collections/kurta-pajama

Pithi - https://miragesaricenter.com/collections/kurta-pajama

Nikka - American Suit or https://miragesaricenter.com/collections/sherwani

Reception - https://miragesaricenter.com/collections/sherwani